Divinations with Theresa

I am an initiated Stick Diviner in the Dagara tradition of West Africa. This form of divination has been held by this African ethnic group for 5000 years. It is an ancient and powerful medicine that activates healing in body, mind and soul in a profound and deliberate way. I am honored and deeply humbled to be able to offer this form of divination to my community and to serve in this way.

The form of Stick Divination I offer is an earth based tradition calling on the elemental beings, called “the little people” (kontomble and wedeme) by the Dagara people. It is a collaborative process between you, me, and your ancestors.

If you live nearby, we will meet in person. If you live far away, I can do the divination for you remotely.

If you are interested in a divination session, you can purchase a remote divination ($300) here:

If you can come in person, the fee is $300.

Alternatively,  you may email me with questions using the form on the right, or call 1-707-827-1829 (leave a message).


The divinations explore your spiritual picture. They remind you of your core essence and identify places where healing is needed in your lineage or in your present life.

Some people choose to come for many divinations, others come for only one.

As this is “prescriptive” divination, you will be given work to do in the form of rituals. These rituals teach you how to have a deep relationship with other realms and the energies that inhabit them.

Early in human history, people went to divination to check in with the ancestors and the spirit realm on a regular basis. It was not something out of the ordinary.

I am the author of Welcoming Lilith: Awakening and Welcoming Pure Female Power as well as three novels, The Strega and the Dreamer, Ode To Minoa and Stories They Told Me. My Great Grandmother was a Strega, a wise woman in the Italian hilltop tradition. This is a continuation of that lineage.

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